finishing touches

 look at my blogger pointy-in toes!
 boots: thrifted; leggings: old navy maternity; top: panache; necklace: truly sarah
20 weeks!
i don't think this outfit looks super comfortable, but it totally is. bonus points: david said i looked hot. i love it when that happens. sometimes he says it on obviously ugly days, though, so i don't know how trustworthy his opinion is...

yesterday i put the finishing touches for christmas on our little apartment. 
i'm so excited to be decorating a bit this year!
 my flamingo got his santa suit on,
 the mistletoe got hung (and kissed under),
 the first christmas gifts got wrapped and placed under the (teeny) tree,
and most importantly, the nativity got set up on the television at the center of our living room!
i'll admit i got a little teary putting that baby Jesus in place. what a miraculous, glorious reason for a month of celebration and joy! i don't care how many (ahem, unwelcome) rude comments i get here, i will not skip an opportunity to let you know how grateful i am that Christ is the center of my religion, my life, and this holiday season.


  1. omggggg but really I agree with david u look HOTTTTTTTT. and ur pregnant!!! not fair!!! I love that shirt btw. so jeal u look so pretty!

  2. You look fabulous! PS. I love how long your hair is right now! Its been YEARS since you've had long hair and although you look great with short hair, long hair on you is my fav!

  3. You look hot indeed. Love that dress and those boots. Want to share? :)

    Also, a hearty boo-urns to rude comments. Nobody deserves those.

  4. You look a-door-a-bull! Wishing you a post with no mean comments!

  5. i love your outfit! i also love that you share your beliefs . . . it's your blog after all and anyone that wants to be rude should just go elsewhere :)

  6. You look beautiful! I love your top! SOOO cute! Your nativity is darling :] Thanks for putting up with rude people to share your testimony!

  7. You are one cute pregnant lady!

  8. I agree with your husband. HOT. You are seriously glowing! :) And I love that you talked about Christ in your post about Christmas decorations. I don't know if I've seen anyone else do that :)

  9. Your style is so classic. Cute baby bump.

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