get down

boots: thrifted; jeans: ae; top: panache; scarf: gift (santa!)

it's david's favorite when my hair is all wild and crazy like this.
crazy guy. it makes my life easy, though, when i don't have to do any heat styling! i feel like this color palette is very typical of me: denim, white, and earth tones. i guess i just like what i like, huh?
i was so excited to pull on non-maternity jeans this morning. they slide down on my bum quite a bit and aren't quite as comfortable, but i love these jeans and was still excited to wear them.

santa claus brought me this scarf! it's soft and warm and the most perfect color ever.
i felt like i was being hugged all day when i wore it.
confession: whenever i say "santa claus," i automatically think of taylor lautner on saturday night live (click here) singing "seenter claus get dowwwn, seenter claus get doown! get down my chimney now!"
and then i have to laugh. there is nothing sillier than a blonde, dancing, fully clothed taylor lautner. it's like the antithesis of everything he's supposed to be.


  1. Cute outfit! Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. :)
    That video made me snort... hahaha

  2. i like earth tones on u!! cuz ur eyes are green so it makes them look prettttttty!

  3. Keeping it simple is the best. Also, I laughed like there was no tomorrow when I watched that SNL clip!


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