shoes: f21; jeans: motherhood; flannel: panache; vest: old navy
helloooo no makeup!
i got this vest for $7!
go old navy! i saw a veeery similar outfit here and had to copy-cat it (that post has TONS of cute pregnant outfits, btw). i haven't worn old navy fleece in years but it kept me/homeboy warm and toasty all day long. plus david kept rubbing my back because it's so soft...husbands are such a bonus in life.

i am 90% done christmas shopping! this makes me happy because it feels good to be done with the "buying" part of the season and focusing on enjoying the season.
i'm a little sad because i'm not getting nearly as much fun mail as i was last week.
my UPS guy knows to bring packages for our apartment to me in the store, so i've been able to wrap presents down here (where a certain nosy member of my household can't snoop on his presents before they're wrapped..) and it's been a fun addition to my afternoons. i really love surprising people i love.

last night, as one of our advent calendar activities, we went to target to pick out christmas pajamas for our little homeboy next year. we found the most perfect, fleecey, footie pajamas and we're thrilled. also thrilling: chick fil a coming to idaho falls! now all we need is an in n out and we'll have the best of both worlds.


  1. Totally agree with you on the In'N'Out front.

  2. A Chick-fil-A? GAH. I heard rumors that there's one here in Boise but I have yet to track it down. Now that you've brought it to the front of my mind IT'S HAPPENING TODAY.

  3. Oh wow, your ahead of the game or I'm behind one. I haven't even started my shopping LOL!

  4. old navy has THE best sales! Ever. Love the best!


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