im-paw-ssibly cute (+ giveaway winner)

 boots: kohl's; leggings: old navy; top/vest: panache; necklace: lucky
we got fresh snow!
it's so fluffy and beautiful, and just in time for christmas. the cutest thing about fresh snow?
seeing kitty paw prints!
there's a cat (i'm pretty sure he's homeless) who hangs out in our parking lot and says hello to me every time i go out back. he's very shy, though, and won't let me pet him even when i meow back (you cannot imagine david's humiliation every time i go running into the parking lot, meowing and trying to catch up with the stray orange cat). he hides out under the cars, especially the warm ones that have just returned from going somewhere. i always hope that our car keeps him warm for a little bit whenever we've been driving.

and...drumroll, please...the winner of the shabby apple dress giveaway:

congratulations, katie! email me at hello.brandilyn{at}gmail{dot}com so i can get all of your info to send to shabby apple!
thanks for entering, everyone, and a BIG thanks to shabby apple for sponsoring such a fun giveaway. hopefully i can do another one of these soon...it was a lot of fun for me! also, remember you can use the coupon code catsandcardigans10off until january 9 to receive 10% off your next order with shabby apple :)

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  1. ohmygosh! i'm so excited! thanks brandilyn!


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