le freeze

boots: thrifted; tights: target; dress: gap; button-up/necklace: panache
the freeze has officially hit our little idaho town.
if you don't live in one of the nations "25 coldest cities" (it's true, i read an article about it yesterday), you're probably like, "OMG I KNOW! when it gets below 40, i just diiiie! time to bundle up!"
i am here to tell you that yes, you're cold, but i'm colder (think temps below 0).
the freeze is when the hairs and boogs inside your nose freeze every time you inhale.
it's when you can't get your car keys out because your fingers become too stiff to operate them.
the freeze means that your lungs seize up and make you short of breath, even when you're not making them work hard, and you can't stop moving outside or your feet are 100% guaranteed to go numb.
it's a cold town, guys. it's my fourth winter here and it still shocks me that first time i step outside and feel the freeze.
lucky me, i've got a brand new container of ovaltine (and a husband who shouts, "more ovaltine please!" every time i drink it), slipper socks that say "#1 mom," and a warm body to snuggle up to at night...all of which make the freeze kinda fun.


  1. I feel you there! I grew up in Northern Michigan and currently reside in Northern New York, and below 40 is nothing!

    Also, that dress is adorable on you!

  2. Be grateful you're making a baby then because it is MUCH better being pregnant in the winter than in the summer! Just saying! Yall planned it perfectly. That baby will keep you super warm!

  3. hate frozen boogs. they're so scratchy.

    belly is lookin' good!

  4. Even though where I'm from in UT is not as cold, I defiantly have been shocked by the freeze here too. I shocks me every year. Yesterday I could feel my toes, inside my car with the heater on, I had to take my boots off and rub them until I got some feeling back in them. Tis' the season :)
    Come enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway just in time for holiday parties season!

  5. your baby bump is adorable in this dress :) i also love your necklace!


  6. Haha; I love beating everyone's 'cold' stories with "It's only cold when your nose hair's freeze." Good old sexy Rexy... I certainly don't miss that..

  7. aww you look so cute!!


  8. yeah you need to move to mesa, arizona. Last night it got to 20 degrees, and that's the coldest it'll get all winter. It warms to the 40s during the day. But I'm still a baby and freezing. We still haven't turned on our heater!!


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