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 boots: modcloth; pants: old navy; tee: target; blazer: panache; necklace: gift; head scarf: vintage/my grandmother's
heavens to betsy, it's an entire outfit of non-maternity clothing!
this is becoming a rare phenomenon. i'm getting larger by the day, and i'm saying a slow but steady adios to my innie belly button. does that thing pop back in after i have the baby? moms out there? anyone?

anyways, david and i had the loveliest of weekends (i don't say "lovely" in real life, but i feel like as a blogger, it's a word i should use).we went to a christmas concert in the new, gorgeous byu-idaho center that featured brian stokes mitchell. we didn't know who he was before the show, but homeboy put on a killer performance. the orchestra performed the nutcracker suite, which had me in tears. my momma and i went to the nutcracker ballet in san francisco every year growing up (just the two of us!) and i miss it and i miss her. 
our little nino also loved the show (when he flips around that means he likes something, right?), which made us happy.


  1. HAHA yeah that button will pop right back in.

    My mom also took me to Nutcracker growing up! Such fond memories.

  2. omg! little nino is quite the gymnast all ready if hes flipping! rub ur belly and say "my girl meg says hiiiiii baby!!! I know youre going to be a hottie!"

  3. I went to the concert too, and I was moved to tears on multiple occasions including part of the nutcracker suite. The cellos had the melody and it brought an ache in my heart for performances past. Oh, to play in an orchestra again. I miss it so much.

    Isn't it so fun to feel your baby reacting to music that you love?!

  4. Feeling the baby move is the best feeling ever. I still get weird stomach pops (probably just gas...lame) but I think, am I pregnant!? Was that a kick??? hahaha my brain is wacky. Anyways, as for the belly button, mine went back in fine, but mine basically went flat instead of popping out. I swear, my belly button and (ahem) down there, will never be the same. BUT you get a miracle child out of the gig, so it is ALL worth it!

  5. oh, i love those little kicks! our little guy gets really active at night time and in the wee morning hours of about 1 or 2 am.

  6. it pops back in... kind of.

    that concert sounds fabulous. I'm sad we missed it.

    lovely is my fav word. you should use it in real life too.

  7. came across your blog somehow, love your baby bump and style. nutcracker in san fran sounds amazing, i love that city.

    maybe this is a dumb question... but what's panache? is it a store or a brand? so many of the things you wear are "from" there and i love them, i have to know what it is! :)

  8. hey, amy k.! panache is a little boutique in idaho that i own and run along with my husband...so a lot of my clothes are from there :) here's our blog: panache 57.blogspot.com

  9. your posts make me happy :)

  10. i swear, my belly button is deeper now than it was before i had my little babe.


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