mini pre-christmas

 boots: thrifted; tall socks: target; cardi: kohl's; scarf: panache; flower: gift from my sweet friend erin
 david and i are spending christmas in georgia this year with his family, and since it's expensive to check lots of stuff on, we decided to have a little christmas evening right before we left to open gifts from each other and from my family. it was our little pre-christmas!
 i got a fire going...and by that i mean i pulled up a youtube video of a crackling fire and set it on top of our space heater (btw, that little heater is our apartment's only heat source. brr).
i also got some christmas music playing via pandora.
 christmas gifts!
 cider in our special mugs :)
chillin' in our christmas-y apartment.
we've had such a lovely holiday season, our last one without a little baby. we love christmas and love our little family a whole lot.


  1. I cant believe you look so cute pregnant! Hope you had a wonderful christmas :)

  2. my husband and i were talking about how strange it is that it's our last christmas without our little one here as well! next year we'll have a nine month old baby noah here with us! i can't wait!

  3. i like ur cute apartment, it's look cozy. Merry christmas !


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