miss trunchbull

 boots: thrifted; skirt/belt: f21; tank: kohl's; cardi: panache
 i know this skirt is granny length, but i just can't bring myself to care! it's so twirly and girly, i just love it. even though i can't zip it all the way so i had to pair it with a longer cardigan, woops.

anyways, here's the birthday cake i mentioned yesterday:
doesn't it look perfect?! exactly what i was craving. the only problem is, now i have a delicious, dairy- and gluten-filled cake and my only roommate can't have either. so you should probably stop by and have a slice with me, yeah?

speaking of david's allergy (and delicious cake), his boss sent him the most decadent box of godiva chocolates the world has ever known. they're limited edition truffles. f'reals. and poor david can't even eat them! so he's been handing them out to neighbors and friends and he gets the biggest kick out of it.

personally, i'd rather put them in a fancy glass box like miss trunchbull and eat them in front of our kids in a few years. "much too sweet for children!"
but i'm also hoarding a delicious cake in my kitchen, so it looks like i'm turning into the woman herself.
"mrs. d, mrs. i, mrs. f-f-i. mrs. c, mrs. u, mrs. l-t-y."


  1. The skirt lenght is perfect..and of course its polka dots, one of my fav patterns!!

    Im actually looking for longer skirts right now for work...:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Hahaha, that movie is gold.

  3. hahahaha I've thought the same thing! That's one of my husbands favorite movies :) And you guys are gluten free? what do you eat? I'm going gluten free after the holidays to see if it helps with my health problems at all.

  4. alexis - we've resigned ourselves to the fact that healthy eating costs more and now we just suck it up when we go to the grocery store! lots of produce and he loves udi's bread/bagels/muffins and bob's red mill pancake mix/pizza crust mix. lots of cereals now are gluten free, so we just find those and do them with rice milk. really, we don't miss out on any of our favorite foods, it just takes a little hunting around and researching! email me if you wanna chat more about it, though! hello.brandilyn@gmail.com


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