quiet folk

 boots: thrifted; tights/chambray: target; skirt/cardi/necklace: panache
all the students left rexburg this last weekend!
it makes david and i feel like locals when we breathe a sigh of relief at a week of quiet in our little town before we head south for christmas. see, we love the students, and they make up most of panache's customer base. we ourselves were students very recently.

but the students blast loud music while they drive up and down main street while we're trying to have a quiet evening. they fill the grocery store and make lines long. they run, yelling, around the local wal mart. they jaywalk into streets with their headphones on, text messaging, without ever bothering to look for oncoming traffic.

having the students gone means a very quiet week, and david and i are (mostly) quiet people. we enjoy small towns and can't wait to own a couple quiet country acres.

one bad thing about students leaving: me bestest friend michelle and her husband are among them, which means she doesn't live two doors down from me anymore. i miss watching her sleep already. it's hard to be away from your best friends, amiright?


  1. amen about students leaving! no i don't have to slam on my breaks on icy roads for jaywalking texting students!

  2. I love that tights and boots combo! Hope you have a nice, quiet few days. :)

    lace, etc.


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