weekend update

boots: kohl's; tights: express; skirt: f21; top: ny&co; blazer: panache
this outfit was thrown together very last minute...like already-late-when-i-woke-up last minute.
our power was off for most of the day yesterday, which threw us for a bit of a loop (a chilly loop--our apartment's only heat source is a space heater!). couldn't even straighten or curl my hair.

this weekend:
-david looked like he might rob the grocery store:
but really he just loves his ultra-warm trench coat and beanie, haha!
david's old man ways always make me laugh.

-our little homeboy decided he mostly only likes it when i eat fruit, which i'm pretty ok with.
bolthouse farms smoothies, jolly llama strawberry pops, oranges, juice..yum.
oh, and sourdough toast. like his mama, homeboy likes the sourdough toast (thank goodness).

-seeing a comic frenzy show on campus, which was funny and made me miss doing improv and hanging out with my improv friends and gave me a hankering for dairy queen (which i didn't give in to; see above).

-tons of sleeping, and sleeping = cuddling, which = staying warm.
and i like all three!

-watching encino man. has anyone seen it? it's one of those 90's teen movies, complete with a choreographed prom dance scene and pauly shore.

-having a sale on skinny jeans in the store, because we think we're hilarious and the whole misunderstanding about skinny jeans on campus (mostly the testing center employee on a power trip who started the whole thing) was just ridiculous.

-back pains, relieved by walking, swaying, pacing, and yogi breathing. it's all good.

how was your weekend?
p.s. i love snl's weekend update so much. it's where i get most of my news.


  1. Oh how I love Encino Man! The early 90's were a beautiful beautiful time.

  2. your outfit does not look thrown together at all :) i love it! and your little baby bump!


  3. Love encino man and I really love the fact that you had a sale on skinny jeans! I laughed out loud when I read that. You guys are hilarious! You are looking so cute with your little belly. And your outfit is so fun, too!

  4. What's up with the no skinny jean thing? One of my professors said it's because "they're still figuring out their identity as a school." Ha. Sell those skinnies girl.

  5. HAHAH!!! im literally cracking up at the pic of david... so funny. and i love ur glasses u always look like a sexy school teacher!

  6. Lots of sleeping and cuddling sounds just like what I could use right now!! You look so so adorable & don't worry, I never do either to my hair & always have power ; )



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