oxfords: wholesale-dress; pants/cardi: panache; tunic: h&m
yellow, grey, white. easy-peasy.
i got my hair did earlier this week! 
i was getting all grown-out and needed a touch-up. i'm 98% sure pregnant lady hair grows faster...anyways, it's not a huge difference, but it feels much better to me!

oh, and this is me all, "k, we're on main street and there's a guy in a van staring at the weirdo posing for pictures, i'm out." and david's like, "work it, baby!" just kidding. he didn't say that.
here is one thing david did say:
he's in charge of the text message promos that get sent out for the store and the newest one says,
"Studies show that guys are more likely to ask you out when you wear our clothes."
i laughed and laughed at that one. he thinks he is so clever.

also, our bath tub is 100 years old* and i have never once taken a bath in the three years we've lived here. it creeps me out to think of the dozens of other butts that have probably sat in that tub. so i just enjoy my showers and call it good. lately, though, a bath has been sounding really nice. i finally ordered a rubber mat thing to line our tub so i wouldn't feel weird using it. last night, david drain-o-ed our tub, then scrubbed it out, then put the mat down all so i could have a nice, luxurious soak. he is the best.

*this is not an exaggeration. the building we live in (which is the same building our store is in) was built in 1911. it is really 100 years old. and the fixtures/appliances have never been updated.


  1. LOLOLOLLLL all the other butts. SO true! our bathtub is 70 years old and i have the same worry!

  2. I LOVE the pants. They look so comfy!!!!!


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