my mom was here this weekend!
we made a lot of food. really yummy food.
really yummy, gluten-free, dairy-free food. we deal with a lot of allergies (my mom's gluten free + vegan), but we refuse to miss out on delicious meals! here's a little bit of what we ate this weekend. i included links for those of you who want to try recipes out...which you totally should. we did not miss out on taste.
 david's salad (he eats like 3 of these a day)
 dairy-free, coffee-free gingerbread lattes (we used pero!)
 gluten-free, vegan cookie dough dip
the very green beginnings of lentil soup
 and finally...my leftover pizza, david's flannel, maternity yoga pants. glam.
(ok, also, this pizza had dairy AND gluten. i was the consumer in this scenario. this was the only naughty food consumed all weekend, swear! and the allergics couldn't touch this bad boy)

a few other snapshots of what went down this weekend:
 my mom fiddle-farted on her ipad (in a $9 walmart dress!),
i assembled my awesome cardboard deer mount (a christmas gift from david),
and we admired our little cradle with impossibly tiny clothes inside.

a very successful weekend all around.


  1. aawwwwwwww the cradleeeee!! and the little elephant in it. adorbs.

  2. Love the cute bedding!

  3. I love how close you are with your mom! It sounds like you had such a fun weekend full of yummy treats too. Those lattes look so dang good! I've never heard of pero but I must buy some ASAP!


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