pants: panache; boots: kohl's; tee: target; blazer: tj maxx
i saw this blazer at a marshall's in georgia over christmas and decided not to get it.
i was being practical. but i kept thinking about it, and wishing i had snagged it.
then, at tj maxx in idaho falls the other day, kate pulled the exact same blazer off the rack to show me! you'd better believe i didn't leave without it this time. wahoo!

last night was perfect.
i came home from working in the store overwhelmed, tired, and sore. and then...there was a dance class going on in the ballroom on top of our apartment. lots of crashing and rattling around up there. it was the best night ever for a date, to the temple to calm my emotions and out to dinner to escape the craziness upstairs. we talked politics and birthing classes over delicious dinner and came home after the dancers were done with their class. wonderful.


  1. Cute blazer!
    I know I'm always excited for ~11pm or later when for some reason all the cars with the jacked up mufflers and booming bass like to tour our parking lot, over and over and over again. White noise? :)

  2. glad you snagged that blazer too! super cute.

  3. I adore this outfit! The colors go together so well!

  4. ah! youre such a cute prego lad!



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