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 shoes: wholesale dress; tights: express; belt: ?; cardi/scarf: gift (target)
(six months!)
happy new year!
we rang in 2012 by traveling home from georgia, which took a really long time, unpacking, warming up our chilly apartment, having hot showers, and relaxing in our bathrobes while enjoying fudgesicles. we were asleep before 1 a.m. ain't no party like a haynes party, eh? all about the simple pleasures.

i don't think i'll be doing any huge 2011 recap/2012 resolution posts, mostly because i've already read like 37 of them and am a bit new year-ed out. i'm excited, though, for all the changes up ahead! we're praying for a healthy baby, a sold clothing store, and a new home. how all that happens is still so very much up in the air that all we can do is pray for it to go smoothly.

first on my agenda for the new year:
continue educating myself about this brand new adventure we're on (i bleeped out the b-word so as not to offend...but darcy gave me a set of these books and i've been devouring them. so many good recipes! so well researched!). i'm trying to get a good combination of pleasure reading and momma reading in every day. it's been a ton of fun. recommendations for fun books and baby books both very much welcome!

p.s. you might notice that i've added a button on the side of my blog for my friend amber and her husband lucas, who have just started the adoption process. they are two of the kindest, most good-hearted people i know and are already incredible parents. any help you can offer them on their journey to adding to their family--even just a prayer--would be so appreciated. thanks, guys!


  1. I love, love LOVE that top. It is so chic but also looks comfortable. I always feel sad when pregnant women look uncomfortable in their clothes.

    I def want to look into the skinny beep book next go around.

  2. julia, it's just a target cardigan that i wrapped around and belted! not even a maternity top. it's my new go-to solution for a comfy top :)

  3. Hi Brandilyn(:

    You tweeted asking about taking in pant legs...a good tutorial would be at Cotton and Curls. She has a lot of refashions and tutorials also! Really cute outfit!!

  4. You might be the cutest pregnant lady ever! I want to stop by your store sometime to meet you!!!


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