flats: modcloth; pants/cardi/necklace: panache; tee: target
holla holla at non-maternity pants!
we got these in the store and i though, "hmm..."
and i put them on and not only do they fit, they're pretty comfortable! +1 panache.
also, my feet were cold all day. that's what i get for choosing turquoise over warmth.

i can't get over how very nice and excited for us people have been since we announced the pregnancy.
yesterday i got a package in the mail from my high school best friend, rachel.
i can never quite find the words to express how deeply, hilariously, thoughtfully, wonderfully good rachel is, so just trust me. she's awesome.
i knew she was working on something for our little homeboy, but had no idea what it was.
i was crying before i even pulled the quilt completely out of the box.
i pulled myself together, thinking, "rach will be completely creeped out if she picks up the phone and hears your squeaky crying." so i was all calm while the phone was ringing, but the minute she picked up i started bawling again. "you made this? for mee-ee-ee?" (insert sniffling and snot running down my face)
luckily rachel understood that her best friend, who was already a bit emotional pre-pregnancy, would probably be a sniveling wreck at the slightest provocation.
not that a gorgeous, handmade quilt is slight provocation. it's perfect.
i can't believe that in three short months we will have a little tiny guy to wrap up in this blanket.
i hope he carries it around with him in a year or two. i hope he has trouble saying his R's, like i did, and calls it his "blankie fwom auntie wachel."


  1. I'm in love with that cardi! I've been looking everywhere for a mustard yellow cardigan and haven't been able to find anything I like. Is there a way I can order it through Panache and have it shipped (I live in Boise)?
    Love your blog! You're just adorable!

  2. Brandilyn, I just wanted to tell that you are such a cute pregnant girl! Really you are so pretty (in a non creepy way) I hope you are feeling well!

  3. the blanket is gorgeous! perfect for your little homeboy :)

    p.s. i NEED those pants! they look phenomenal and so comfortable!!!


  4. kate - i'm always happy to ship outside of rexburg, but unfortunately, that sweater's from last year so we don't have it anymore! i keep the store blog (mostly) updated though, so be sure to check there because i order cardigans whenever our suppliers have good ones.

  5. that quilt is amazing! i wish she was my friend, too. your little man will love it.

    also, you are a stunningly gorgeous pregnant lady. for real. homeboy looks good on you.

  6. i got a little tear in my eye upon reading "auntie wachel." so cute! i knit a baby blanket for my nephew's first christmas, and embroidered (it's embarrassingly bad because i'd never done it before but hey it's homemade!) his name on it. i secretly hope it will be his "bwankie" for years to come :)

  7. Awh! You have a lot of people that love you :) And a quilt is a ton of work! How sweet of her to do that :) I can't wait to see your baby!!!!!!!!!

  8. That is adorable.. you are sososo cute pregnant! pretty in yellow.

  9. ADORABLE. All of it. I want the cardigan! :)

  10. Totally acceptable to be an emotional pregnant lady - especially when the quilted gift coordinates nicely with your outfit ;)


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