casual friday

 boots: modcloth; socks: f21; leggings: old navy; tee: kohl's; cardi: panache
it's friday and i AM in love..with full-panel maternity leggings.
i thought the low-rise ones would be more comfortable/look less silly, but i was very much mistaken. full-panel everything has my heart for good (well, until april at least).

i read the hunger games (for the second time) in its entirety in a 24-hour period, finishing last night. i'm probably supposed to insert some kind of "eEeEkZZ! pEEta is s0oO0o DREeEAmYY! SQUEE!" fangirl comment here, but my real thoughts after reading the book are paranoid ones. i keep feeling like i'm being watched (or, you know, hunted) and have to shake a constant sense of urgency. maybe i should have spaced the book out over a couple days. i am excited for the movie, though, and definitely excited to get back to ellen degeneres' book seriously...i'm kidding. much lighter material there.

anyways, i took this artistic photo the other morning to properly document what a good night of sleep looks like on me:
gorgeous hair, rumpled eyebrows, and the christmas kitten bathrobe david got me for christmas (fact: haynes love bathrobes). no matter the hour, i'm a classy, classy lady.

on that note...have a restful weekend!


  1. Those boots are amazing. I love the color! And I love, love, love the Hunger Games but don't really find Peeta all that dreamy. Guess I'm crazy.

    North Meets South

  2. That is one sexy, morning-lady!

  3. OOh. I think someone just won an award for Best Morning Hair!

  4. Your dressing gown is amazing - I totally require my own!

  5. i too am a full panel pregnant lady. they're so much more comfortable!

  6. lots of sleep or no sleep you look great! and I agree... I've never been into book boyfriends.

  7. Love your outfit! And congrats on the pregnancy! My friend has just had a baby and its making me so broody!



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