egg in toast

boots: modcloth; socks: f21; leggings: old navy (maternity); top: panache; cardi: sarah swapped
i am feeling quite large these days. i think it has something to do with the fact that i'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week from here on out...a pound! that's a lotta weight in the next 10 weeks. i've been thin my whole life and filling out a bit has come with mixed emotions. mostly happy emotions, though, because there's a 15" little guy keeping me company 'round the clock who starts stirring a few minutes after every meal. we always joke while cleaning up after eating..."right now he's like, 'what's this? bananas? ooh, toast, too? good breakfast, guys!'" (get it? because he eats like 10 minutes after i do!)
egg in toast has been my recent breakfast obsession, until the other morning, when for some reason the last bite of my toast made me want to hurl. that makes a total of two times i've felt like hurling in the last seven months. what gives? now i don't want egg in toast anymore. and it used to be so so good.


  1. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! as someone whose uterus is (not so subtly) whispering in her ear, i think your baby bump is the cutest thing in the world right now (do you detect a slight hint of jealousy?) ...and you dress it so well :) you are adorable.

  2. You look so cute Preggers!!!!
    Love this outfit, love the backdrop for your photos too today!

  3. Growing up we call it eggs in a basket.

    Loving your hair!!

    1. OK, eggs in a basket is WAY cuter than egg in toast!

  4. LOVE this outfit and you are far from large! :)


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