a foodie plea

boots: target; jeans/scarf/belt: f21;tee/vest: motherhood
i spent my day off on monday shopping for and preparing food.
i had big plans for this week, dinner-wise.
we kicked off our week of delicious, homemade cooking with:
roast asparagus and new potatoes for dinner. oh gosh yummm.
(recipe here)
along with gluten-free biscuits that refused to rise and were a bit salty, but tasted pretty ok with some strawberry jam.
and a key lime pie, which i actually dreamt about during the sleepless night before and then had to make for FHE dessert. it's my mom's recipe and is easy, cheap, and deeeelicious.
(let's all take a moment to LOL at: 1. how tired i look, 2. how BIG non-maternity clothing makes me look, and 3. my day-off no-makeup face. it is painfully obvious that i barely slept the night before.)

so yeah, this post is about food. but i'm pregnant and constantly hungry and foods that usually look pretty good all of a sudden look insanely good, and therefore, are blog-worthy.

so...if you have any to-die-for recipes, leave me a link! and extra points if they're dairy-/gluten-free! but if they're not, i'm pretty good at modifying recipes. so still send 'em my way.


  1. You gotta post your asparagus/potato recipe!

  2. Love that outfit! And your potato dish looks amazing!

  3. oh my goodness, i want those potatoes! my mom has to eat all gluten-free foods, and we love to make brownies with pamela's brownie mix. it is delicious!! have you tried it? fudge brownies with chocolate chunks :)


  4. mmm i think i will have asparagus and potatoes for dinner. i pinned that first outfit, so you are extra famous now. ;)

  5. ohhh you're getting big :) you look gorgeous! and your food looks fantastic, especially that pie...

  6. pregnancy is such a fantastic look on you.. and now i want the asparagus and potatoes for dinner… ok for a snack because lets face it, meals are necessary more than 3 times a day when you're pregnant!

  7. haha, casey, so true! i always joke around 8:00 each night, "yep, it's about time for dinner 2!"

  8. It is very necessary to have proper dinner and lunch while having pregnancy. It really matters very much. So always be careful about it.

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  9. I'm a total amateur foodie (bay area, how could I not be.) The Chez Panisse cookbook is amazing. My favorite food blogs are Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn and Broke Ass Gourmet.


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