the freakin' weekend

boots: modcloth; tights: express; skirt: tj maxx; top: panache
bleergh, i can't figure out why that top picture turned out so yellow. my photo editing software/skillz are non-existant.
is today a holiday for all you working folk out there?
i feel like everyone i know has school and work off tomorrow...except my husband.
i'm still dragging him away from work (he works at home) to go to our first natural birth class with me and to pick up some baby things in idaho falls...but he doesn't actually have the day off.
this just ticks me off.
actually, it doesn't really because i love that he has a job that lets him work from home. he gives me breaks in the store, has lunch with me every day, and is pretty flexible with hours. i love it. but i do wish he had the whole day off tomorrow to laugh and play with me.

yesterday, we made plans. big plans! plans for our apartment for when the baby comes.
we were going to move, but since we're hoping to get the heck outta dodge (dodge being rexburg) soon, we don't really feel like signing a new apartment contract. or moving. moving sucks.
so we're doing an apartment redo!
i've been having a blast fiddling around with urbanbarn, entering in the dimensions of our living room and current furniture and then seeing how new stuff might fit in:
(oh p.s., did i mention we're going to be making a 1 bedroom work for a baby AND a husband working from home? it's true. i'll keep you updated. any advice on babies in small spaces very much welcome.)

david quote of the weekend: when deciding whether or not to eat a dairy/gluten-free blueberry muffin at 2 a.m.: "it's the freakin' weekend. baby, i'm about to have me some fun." if you recognize the song lyrics, we probably went to high school at the same time. bounce bounce bounce.


  1. Get an apartment sized crib! That's what my brother and sister-in-law did, and it makes a big difference in a small space! Cribs are ridiculously huge. Also, don't bother getting a changing table--the floor works just fine. Baskets and bins will be your new best friend--keeps everything in its place and also looks cute:)

  2. I am still laughing about the comment your husband said about the muffin. LOVE it! I love your outfits! You dress so differently from other fashion bloggers, and it is SO refreshing!

  3. thanks for this urban barn website! in a year or so, we are planning to make the same adjustments to our one-bedroom apartment (yay!) and i bet this will prove invaluable (although one of my favorite past-times is moving all the furniture around "just to see how it will look"... i doubt i'll be wanting to do that with a baby bump!)

    and ps, that was one of my all-time FAVORITE songs in high school! and afterwards. and today haha. (after the show it's the after party... woop!)

  4. That outfit is SO cute, i love the boots! Also loving the quote from your husband...definitely a good reason to eat that muffin!

    I hope you'll check out my blog, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!


  5. Hahaha, I love how our perspectives of a "fun weekend" change once we get married.
    And I love that shirt!

  6. hahahah the title made me launch into the whole song. And I love what brought it on. Blueberry muffins. party. animals.

  7. i love that urban barn website! sweeet!! Someday, that song will come onto the oldies station and I still sing every line and look in the back seat to see a few terrified children.

    Also, as far as having a baby in small spaces make sure to have dark curtains and a sound machine. We got our curtains (they're really dark purple) at Ikea and our sound machine on Amazon. It made it so our little wonder could sleep while we were still doing stuff.


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