boots: thrifted; jeans: motherhood; sweater: panache; scarf: vintage/my grandmother's
this sweater is the most odd, lopsided shape ever. every time i put it on i'm sort of confused, but then i shrug and wear it anyways because it's soft and comfortable and it breathes.

we totally ordered a new sofa the other night.
for our entire married life (3.5 years now!), david and i have had thrift store sofas with wal mart covers. we felt like real grown-ups when we pushed "order" for that brand new, gorgeous, huge sofa. purchasing a sofa was our real entrance into adulthood...not, you know, the wedding day or the self-owned business or the college diplomas or the positive pregnancy tests.

speaking of positive pregnancy tests...
this is the last day of my second trimester!
how is time flying so fast? i feel like every pregnant blog post/status is counting down the days and wishing the time away, but i mostly find myself thinking about how much i'm going to miss this. i can't believe it's almost over. i feel a little sad about it, and a lot excited to hold a real live baby in my arms that is half me and half my handsome husband. how is that even possible?! sometimes i can't wrap my mind around the whole thing.


  1. i feel you with the never new furniture, everything we have it a hand me down haha. we just hit our third trimester last week and i was like "wait, what!?" it feels unreal that our little boy will be here around the beginning of april . . . i have so much left to do!

    xx lacey

  2. lacey, i SO know the feeling. we've hardly bought anything--just diapers and a cradle, which i guess is all he needs, right? a place to sleep and a place to poop? haha!

  3. you'll never be able to wrap your mind around it! it's the best, most wonderful thing in the whole wide world! I'm just so excited for you!!

  4. this is so true, places to sleep and poop are very important haha my grandma is so sweet and keeps giving us so many clothes, i think i could change him five times a day and not see the same outfit for awhile!

  5. That sweater looks great on you! The color is perfect.


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