kitchen foibles

boots: thrifted; socks: gift; dress: gap; sweater: panache
have you guys ever botched a recipe?
the other night i made a chicken-tomato concoction to wrap in lettuce for dinner. i was making the seasoning quickly and read, "2 T crushed red pepper." got it, check, threw it in the pan.
david took one bite of his lettuce wrap and his eyes got big. "babe...it's spicy."
i immediately got  a little irritated. with all of david's food allergies, he tends to be a picky eater in order to save himself a night of feeling sick--or worse, a trip to the ER.
but i took one bite myself and nearly choked. then cried. then crapped my pants (not really).
turns out the recipe said, "2 T chopped red bell pepper."
that's a big difference.
we ended up rinsing the chicken in a colander.
and it still had a good amount of kick.
i guess you live and you learn, right?

so i'd love to know...what recipes have you botched? 
how bad was it?
did your husband punch you in the face for trying to make him eat your disgusting meal?
(mine didn't even come close to punching me in the face, but if yours did, that's probably a story i'm interested in hearing)

p.s. unrelated to cooking: in case you needed more affirmation that david sedaris is hilarious and wonderful, read this interview. also, if you don't know who david sedaris is, read the interview and then buy me talk pretty one day. he's one of my favorite authors and i want everyone to agree with me.


  1. I once made lemon squares but replaced the baking powder with baking soda. No one ate them and I've never made lemon squares since. Too bad about those chicken wraps. They sound really good! Also, your socks are pretty dang sweet.

  2. That is really funny! Nice move rinsing it in the colander :) You and David are so cute.

  3. As a teen, I once tried to be the awesome sister and make everyone pancakes. But I mixed up baking soda and baking powder....yea... None of my brothers said anything while eating the nasty result until I ate mine and spat it out. Now making food for Mr. and my son, I check and double check my recipe; it made me paranoid. LOL

  4. Once, I tried to make a chocolate cake. The recipe said 3/4 T vegetable oil. I somehow read 3/4 cup. I made the cake. It was nice and moist and when I took it out of the pan it came apart and it made the whole house smell like oil. It was so so sad. My husband ate TWO pieces and kindly said "It's not that bad. Some parts are okay." I did not make a cake again for a year.

  5. Scalloped Potatoes... whenever I make it, it just comes out gross.. maybe I just don't like Scalloped Potatoes.

  6. I made awesome but extremely unhealthy brownies which required 1 pound 2 ounces of sugar. I only put in 2 ounces of sugar. Complete disaster= bin :P

    I love your outfit :)


  7. Nah, my husband isn't the face-punching type. If he were I would be punched almost daily. Yep, I'm that bad of a cook.

  8. I thought I was Rachael Ray and was trying to make her homemade BBQ sauce from memory. I ended up adding 1/4 Cup of CUMIN powder instead of a 1.4 Cup of CHILI powder. I took one bite of the chicken and got a head cold and went to bed. My husband, on the other hand, ate it all.

  9. oh my gosh!! I love David Sedaris and no one ever knows who i'm talking about!!

  10. My mom once messed up making peanut butter fudge by putting too much evaporated milk in the mixture. No matter how long she cooled it, it wouldn't set up. We ended up storing it in the fridge and using it as the best ice cream topping I've ever tasted. We always ask Mom to mess up again so that we could have more ice cream sauce :)


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