peter? peter pan?

boots: mom's; tights: target; dress: gap; top: bohme
despite the wind, this was a gorgeous day outside!
chilly, but not frigid. my favorite. i love cold weather, did i ever tell you that?

the dress i got this store at is called bohme. it's new in the idaho falls mall and sells some pretty ugly stuff, but also some pretty cute stuff. the problem, though, is that i always want to call it bone...
and THAT always reminds me of this saturday night live cold open with wayne and garth where they keep saying "winter's bone..." which is not a very lady-like thing to be talking about.

a lady-like thing to talk about: peter pan collars.
i love 'em. this top has one and you can barely see it because my hair is down, so now i'm going to have to wear it again soon with my hair up so you can see my collar. sometimes being a fashion blogger can be real tough, but someone's gotta do it.


  1. i love this blouse! and peter pan collars :) i was late to work today (by 3 minutes) because i had an outfit fail... the things we do :)

    happy monday!

  2. I feel so fancy because I know what the collar looks like because I was with you when you bought it. See? Fancy! So your mom is still in town?! That is so fun! I am jealous... I want to meet her! Does she hang out in the store with ya? I will come by this week!


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