prep time

moccasins/scarf: target; jeans: f21; top/cardi: panache

i love this top. L-O-V-E it.
the bottom is soft and flowy and fun and i felt like i could wear 50 different things with it.

yesterday was our first birth class. how fun!
while in idaho falls, we picked up a darling little cradle that will be perfect for our little one to sleep in for his first few months. it will fit nicely next to our bed, and hopefully we'll be into a house with a proper nursery by the time he grows out of it. we also watched the business of being born...have you seen it?
i thought it was good overall, although i felt like the movie was arguing a point i already agreed with. i came away with my current philosophy on birth still intact.

p.s. i asked this on twitter and got some positive feedback, so i thought i'd throw it out there on here too.
i get a lot of questions about the kind of food david and i make/eat since he's severely allergic to dairy as well as being gluten-free. i was thinking about doing a little food segment every week or so featuring some good recipes and products for any fellow allergic people or you folks on special diets. plus, some of you may be sick of seeing my face every single day. maybe it'd be good to mix it up with some food. 
your thoughts?


  1. awww i love that top u look so pretty! and the scarf!! want!

  2. I love this outfit! You look so cute. I love the scarf too.

  3. I adore that top!

    And a food segment would be fun!

  4. Make a separate tab for recipes of the week :]

  5. i love the outfit, super cute & looks really comfy! and adore the new layout! p.s. a food segment would be fun!

    xo lacey

  6. not at all sick of your face/outfits! a food segment would be awesome though! my mom is highly gluten-intolerant, so i would love to share the recipes with her :)

  7. I never say no to food. ever. DO IT!

  8. I would loooove to have these recipes!

  9. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to see some foodie recipes. I've actually been meaning to ask you about some of the dinners that you cook.

  10. i love the way you're wearing that scarf! i don't know if i'm tying mine wrong or just have a short neck but i can't get this to work on me!


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