product review: HANAair professional hair dryer

todayy...i'll be telling you all about my new hair dryer!
the folks over at misikko.com sent me the HANAair professional hair dryer to test out and give my honest opinion on, which i was totally happy to do. my wal mart dryer was on its last leg.

my thoughts:
to be frank with you right off the bat, i probably wouldn't spend this much on a hair dryer, not matter how awesome or life-changing it was (also, i'm a recent college grad...i got billz to pay).
other than that, my only critique is that it came with the cold air button pushed in and it took me a while to figure out why it wasn't blowing hot air. the one thing david and i keep saying about the blow dryer is, "this thing is a beast!" and it really is. it's a powerful, hot, hair-drying machine.

another bonus: i seriously felt like i was being romanced when i opened the box my dryer came in.

to test the "professional" claim the dryer makes, i lent it to valerie, one of the hair stylists (and a good friend of mine) who works in the salon behind panache to use for a couple of days. her main complaints about the dryer were that her finger would hit the cold air button from time to time and that it was pretty loud--she had trouble talking to clients over it. she agreed with me, though, that it was a powerful dryer and she liked the insanely long, industrial-strength cord. i almost had to wrestle it away from her when it was time to get my dryer back! (just kidding) (kind of)

anyways, this dryer is awesome. if you're in the market for something that's going to last you a long time and don't mind a heftier price tag, this dryer is probably going to be your new BFF. and if you're a hair dresser and you're wondering if this dryer will be up for the rigors of salon life, i think the answer would be yes.

you can buy the HANAair hair dryer here, or check out misikko's other products (including chi straighteners!) at their website here.

**note: misikko sent me a free dryer to test out, but the opinions in this post are my own (and valerie's) and i was not paid to write a positive review. over and out.**


  1. This is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need a new one so this was the perfect review!!

    love K

  2. Not gonna lie--I was kinda expecting to see a picture of your hair after you used it! Any difference there?

  3. Oh snap - I wonder if that's what was wrong with mine? Haha! I found it was defunct!

  4. That comment was supposed to say, "I THOUGHT it was defunct." Where "found" came from, I have no idea.

  5. (i thought i enabled the new embedded commenting, but it's not working..? help!)

    @jules: shoot, i should have! i'll make sure to point out my hair next time it's hana-dried in an outfit post :) sometimes i feel like a break from ME every day is nice!

    @erica: that would be hilarious! play with it a little bit, as soon as i got the setting right, that bad boy was blasting the hot air...it was almost too hot for my wimpy head!


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