round up

flats/cardi: target; top: styles; jeans: f21
this weekend, i:
-went on a cooking spree using recipes from chocolate covered katie. our favorites were one-minute chocolate cake and chocolate chip blondies, all dairy-free, gluten-free, and waaaay healthier than your average joe dessert. awesome healthy dessert blog.

-cleaned out the closet with david. i boxed up things i wouldn't touch until april and sorted the things that do still fit (or things i'm not yet ready to kiss good-bye until spring). i even made separators for my side of the closet:

-went on a breakfast for dinner date, where i ordered french toast and a side of onion rings. gross, right? i ate really well all week and thought i would "reward" myself. turns out feeling yucky for the next 24 hours was a pretty crappy reward...looks like this girl will be sticking to healthy foods.

-worked the store (as usual) and enjoyed a new shipment.
i've gotten to the point where it's nearly impossible to clean tanning beds on my own. the combination of squatting, bending, and reaching just doesn't work anymore. david's started cleaning them for me and i will forever be indebted to him for taking over the uncomfortable, smelly task. i will admit that after three years of cleaning those beds over and over again every day, i'm grateful to be able to hand it over to someone else for a little while.

-ate my approximate weight in clementine oranges while playing yahtzee with david
(he won three games in a row).

-i got to guest post all about my marriage on tori's blog! you should probably hit follow once you're there so you can read all the upcoming posts about celebrating love and keep up with her cute family (seriously, her baby girl is the sweetest little thing).


  1. props on the organized closet. and you look super cute!

  2. you don't look pregnant from the front! please turn.

  3. oh my gosh you need to pinterest that closet organization!

  4. I tried out the one minute chocolate cake last night! It needed a little longer in the microwave, but it worked pretty well and I'll be making it again.


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