sur la table

 boots: kohl's; skirt: tj maxx; top: target; jacket: marshall's
i kind of really totally adore this jacket.
it's my favorite color and it buttons over my gut, both huge bonuses.

i spent all day yesterday working on a new project for my apartment.
this weekend, our brand-new couch got here and we rearranged the entire living room to make space for baby. i'll give you  a little tour once it's completely done, but that'll be a while longer. so for now i'll just give you a peek at my latest project.

this is the only before picture i have...i took it on my cell phone at the thrift store and sent it to david to see what he thought. it's a headboard for a twin bed, but i was pretty sure i could make it work as a library table for behind our couch (as an alternative to spending big bucks that really should be going towards a down payment on a house or a stroller or something practical).
well...he hated it. i spent a considerable amount of time over the next couple days trying to convince him that i could make it nice for our apartment. he finally gave me the go-ahead to get the stupid thing and try to work some magic. i think i did all right!
here it is behind our couch:
i decorated with some pretty books (including david's beloved, worn, spanish book of mormon from his mission), quirky cats my mom got me from the thrift store, a golden buddha from liz, our favorite dumb & dumber art from jules, and a framed wedding photo. not bad for $25.
(sorry for the crummy lighting, i took these indoor at night)
i won't be turning into a crafty DIY blogger anytime soon, but i'm happy with yesterday's little project.


  1. I love what you did!! Looks great!

  2. what a great idea! it turned out really nice!


  3. I think it looks awesome! Nice work! And I LOVE your coat!!!

  4. You did a great job! I love it. We use a headboard as our tv stand - it looks similar to that!! :D

  5. Such a good idea! Furniture can be so expensive and I like redone items much more :) And that jacket!!!! My favorite color EVER. I'm jealous!

  6. I feel so honored to be represented on your new table!

  7. I love your jacket! It's really cute. :) I just had our fifth baby, so I'm out of maternity clothes finally. Nine months gets to be a long time. :)


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