boots: thrifted; jeans: f21; top: panache; sweater: wholesale-dress; necklace: mom's
this necklace is my momma's!
she sent me a box of her old jewelry to sell in the store a couple years ago when we tried doing consignment for a while. i smiled when i pulled this necklace out of the box. my whole life, i can remember going into her closet and looking at all of her big, gorgeous jewelry. i remember thinking this necklace was so exotic and beautiful. even though i hardly ever saw my mom wear it, it just makes me think of her.
it sat in our jewelry case for a couple weeks as the pieces around it sold slowly.

whenever someone asked to look at it, i would cringe inside as i saw my mom's necklace in their hands. i found myself hoping they wouldn't buy it because i so loved seeing it every day and remembering it in my mom's closet.

finally, i pulled it out of the case and decided i was just going to keep it. there was obviously some attachment there, right? well,  that same day it was hanging on the wall behind me and some ladies came in the store and started admiring it. "sorry," i said, "that one actually belongs to me. it's not for sale." so they started offering me larger and larger amounts of money for it! i don't know why i felt such a pull to this necklace, but i kept my foot down and finally said, "it's my mom's necklace and it's got quite a bit of sentimental value. sorry!"

the funny thing is, i brought it up to my apartment that night and hung it on a hook next to my closet. it's hung there for the last couple years and i've never once worn it, but i always think of my mom when i see it. today i finally decided that this necklace deserved a day out and about. i enjoyed wearing it. 
i think it's so important to have small things that remind us of where we came from. i know it's just a silly little trinket, but i guess this necklace does that for me.

and that...is an extraordinarily long story about a simple wooden piece of jewelry.


  1. That's awesome! I have a ring of my mom's too, and several of my grandma's old pieces. I don't wear them often either, but I love them just because they were theirs!

  2. Such a great story! And what a fun, fabulous necklace!

  3. it's so hard to let go of things like that. i'm happy you didn't give in and sell it :)

  4. It's a beautiful necklace and it's lovely that you decided to keep it and now wear it :)

    Say x

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