we're having a fire!...sale

 boots/bag: thrifted; jeans: f21; button-up/cardi: panache; necklace: truly sarah
do you know how glorious it felt to discover that this button-up still buttons up*?!
oh happy day! i may have done a little boogie when i put it on...pregnant lady boogies don't usually end well though, because my balance is so off.
true story: i totally fell over while changing in a locker room the other night. i just crashed right into the metal lockers. i guess i can't stand on one foot anymore. and now i will never again take for granted that david pulls my boots off for me at the end of the day, because i'm apparently incapable of doing it myself.

did i ever tell you i got these jeans for $5? forever 21 marked their maternity jeans down to $10, then had a buy one, get one free sale. yep. 2 pairs of maternity jeans for $10.
i got so excited, i was tempted to start singing amazing grace:
(photo from this twitter, the most hilarious feed in all of twitter)

*ok, fine, except for that pesky last button. but you can barely notice it, i swear!


  1. I really think I laughed for about 8 minutes at the title...and then the photos of Ama...GET THE CHILDREN...zing graaaace. Or however it goes.

  2. I love that outfit and that bump is soo cutee! I hope I can be as cute with a baby bump as you are!




  3. I once fell over on my rear while trying to get a can from a bottom self at the grocery store....in a row full of people. Embarrassiiiiiing

  4. While pregnant of course...just wanted to clarify that. LOL

  5. "Do you want to try reading that again? Maybe...more simple?"


  6. I had to click, just based on that title. I heart Arrested Development so much.

  7. hahahhaha and I didn't even KNOW forever 21 had maternity jeans! I can never wear those jeans though. For some reason my body is too curvy for them. they never fit!

  8. I LOVE the button up denim shirt! I need one in my closet! And $10 for two pairs of jeans!!! That is amazing!


  9. New follower here...You make pregnancy look adorable! If you have a chance stop by my brand new beauty/fashion blog!

    Jenny from www.ModernModestBeauty.blogspot.com


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