wild horses

 boots: thrifted; tights/tee: target; skirt: old navy ($8.50!); sweater: h&m/buffalo exchange/gift
you know those days when nothing you put on looks good so you try on like 15 different outfits and they all end up on the floor so then you just put on your most comfortable skirt and your favorite new sweater and call it good but still leave the house kind of grumpy?
yeah, that was this day.
and then when i leaned over to kiss david good-bye my water bottle dumped down my front.

my momma got me this cardigan and i looove it! long-time readers of c&c know that i'm a weird horse girl at heart, having spent 10+ years of my life riding and showing horses. wearing it was an obvious duh when i was having a bad day because it cheered me up and it was warm and cozy. i kept petting my arm and pretending it was a horse, which hopefully didn't creep out panache customers too much. i don't think i was whinnying too loudly, anyways.

oh! and this skirt was only $8.50 because old navy is having a 15% off sale online over new years. it's not maternity but is soo comfortable and on sale, so if you're into comfort you should buy it, knocked up or not (i'm not affiliated with old navy or anything, i've just really enjoyed their clothes and their sales these last few months).


  1. This is cute! What a fun, quirky cardigan. :)

  2. i love that sweater! and i definitely know what you mean by trying on every outfit in your closet. the vast majority of my clothes are currently on my floor. whoops!


  3. I love that cardigan! I found a similar blazer at f21 but Mr thought it was something a little kid would wear. *shakes head*

  4. i love those old navy skirts! And good color choice- it looks awesome on you! You look great!!! promise :) friend to friend!


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