awesome: a list

boots: modcloth; pants/cardi: panache; top: kirra
we finished birth class tonight!
basically david and i are awesome at all things baby.

other things i'm awesome at:
-popping the bottom button off my shirt...yeah.
-eating an entire can of pears in one sitting. or peaches.
-hiding david's favorite vegan PB cups in our apartment and then whipping them out right when he's really wishing he had one.
-pretending i don't notice the stack of dishes in our sink. "i'll just drink my water out of a measuring cup, that's how i really like to do it anyways..."
-kidnapping my friend's phones and sending out disgusting/hilarious texts about the (fictional) effects of taco bell on their bowel movements.
-sleeping. i do it all the time.


  1. HAHA, I may have snorted reading your measuring cup moment. :)

  2. LOL I definitely find alternative options when my dishes are dirty too. For instance all of my various mixing bowls (including the freaking HUGE one) have been used at one time or another as my cereal bowl. Sometimes my cereal serving is even proportionate to the bowl itself, but usually I contain myself. Who doesn't want 15 cups of Captain Crunch Berries?!


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