flats: old navy; jeans (m): f21; top (m): target; blazer: panache; scarf: gift/h&m
i love this scarf!
it is huge and colorful and matches practically everything. sometimes when i travel, i wear it so i can unfold it and wrap it around me like a blanket on airplanes. airplanes are always so cold to me. i always try to tie it around my head, but it ends up looking more like a turban and less like a cool, urban head wrap. how tricky.

ingredients for a perfectly blissful night:
(even when you're still feeling mostly terrible as you recover from a cold)
-make an icy pero drink
(a spoonful of pero, a splash of coffee mate, some almond milk, and ice in a blender...so good!)
-drink it in bed while watching a documentary on the secret service
-have an extremely good-looking person next you in bed (i prefer my husband)
-sit extremely still while said person plays with your hair
-if you're pregnant and your chest hurts, get an ice pack going

maybe this is only blissful for a boring pregnant lady like myself, but for reals, last night was awesome.


  1. That sounds exactly like my favorite kind of night, but with frozen orange juice. Yum!
    This outfit posted is one of my favorites! I love your blazer with that bright scarf. Plus, your hair looks great like that, when I attempt that style I look like a slob.

  2. i agree, that sounds like a great night in! your outfit is adorable as well! i have no luck finding awesome maternity jeans, i purchased a pair of liz lange from target but they feel so saggy and the old navy ones ran huge in the hips. i'm so close to the end of my pregnancy but i'm still so tempted to buy more flattering maternity jeans! haha

  3. just discovered your blog! Hey..I'm brandi lyn too...;) super cute outfit!


    1. oh, yay! i hardly ever meet people with a name similar to mine!! thanks for stopping by :)

  4. so in the little picture in my dashboard your belly blended in and it didn't look like you were pregnant and for a second I thought this whole "brandilyn is pregnant" thing was just a dream! I'm so glad it's not! :) I think that scarf is the bomb too

    1. sometimes i worry it IS all just a dream...seems to good to be true :) thanks, lady!

  5. That scarf is so pretty! I still don't know how you make pregnancy look so cute...I swear I looked so frumpy with both of my pregnancies, lol.
    Modern Modest Beauty

  6. So. I tried your Pero drink, and: YUM.


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