color me happy

if you've spent any time on pinterest at all i'm sure you've seen this project...

i wasn't terribly particular about the order of my rainbow because i knew the colors would all be bleeding together anyways.

how do you make gifs
we had a big, white wall down in the store that needed some color and i decided to spend the evening tackling that project. it was pretty fun, and my new hair dryer turned out the be useful for more than just drying hair. that thing was melting crayons in a matter of seconds. not bad!
it's not professional, but it's not too shabby, am i right? i'd maybe do it again for a kid's room. it was a cheap, easy way to add a big splash of color on a boring wall.

i've also found, after having it up for a few days, that everyone pronounces "crayon" differently.
i say "cray-on"...what about you?


  1. I think I say "cran" Hahaha. Turned out great!

  2. I've never seen one that looks like yours! That must be a high powered hair dryer! And I say it the same as you :) I think it looks great

  3. yep.. I'm a 'cran' person too, haha

  4. I would have kept the crayons in there... looks great! :)


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