a getaway and a blog

boots: thrifted; socks/sweater: target; jeans (m): motherhood; button-up: panache
we had the best valentine's day getaway in jackson hole!
we got upgraded to a sweet hotel room because best western messed up our reservation, ate delicious barbecue for dinner, walked around downtown, went swimming, sat in a rooftop hot tub (well, i put my feet in, and we were only up there for about 3 minutes because it was freezing, but still), ordered late-night room service...we built a snowman...she touched my leg...

and this was the only picture i took the whole time, because i was too busy having a blast to worry about documenting how much fun i was having:
totally picturesque trees on the drive there.

anyways, i wanted to tell you a little more about my blog's awesome new look!
i won a blog makeover giveaway from sometimes sweet, which basically resulted in cardiac arrest, i was so excited. i'd admired the blogs made over by don before and knew he'd come up with something fantastic.
you can scroll through these posts, where he outlined some of the process in redoing my blog. i was so impressed with his attention to little details--like the little mouse on the bottom right of my blog. isn't he cute?! anyways, if you need an awesome new look, check out don's blog design page. he was insanely easy to work with and i'm so excited about how my blog turned out! thank you again, don...i love it!

p.s. don't forget to enter the shabby apple giveaway...it's open until monday!


  1. she touched my LEG. hahajkdsfhkajhaa

    that mouse. THAT MOUSE. i'm obsessed.

  2. It looks SO good, Bran! I love it!

  3. i love love love the new look of your blog!

  4. haha, she touched my leg... OK kill him! Classic.

  5. Hey! This is random, but I was reading old posts from the Shine Project and I saw that you commented on it, and your profile pic was/is the same as mine, as in there is none. It is just a black box with an exclamation point in it. I deleted my profile pic, intending to upload another one, and now blogger says I exceeded my photo upload quota. I've tried deleting some photos from my Picasa web albums, but it's not helping! Do you know how to solve this issue? please help! I have no idea who else to ask to solve this issue! lol

    1. oh gosh, the dreaded picasa limit! haha if deleting photos hasn't helped, i'm not sure what to do! i had SO MANY old pictures in my albums (old blog headers, sidebar pics, etc) that i could delete and it finally helped. i seriously had to delete so much crap, though...good luck!

  6. Weekend getaways are the best. How are you so pregnant and still so cute? My inspriration...seriously : )

    1. i do NOT feel cute most of the time...but the fact that you said that makes my day for reals! and amen to weekend getaways. love em.


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