go crazy

boots: thrifted; leggings: old navy (maternity); top: h&m; scarf: panache; earrings: truly sarah

how many times can i wear this top before i get called out for being a repetitive fashion blogger?
that, my friends, is the game i've been playing with myself lately.
my mom snagged it off the sale rack at h&m a couple years ago and told me she thought it was cute. i think i shrugged and said, "yeah, it's pretty cute! and it's $12. bargain."
now, it's one of my most-worn tops. go figure. i shouldn't have ever underestimated my mother's shopping geniuses. the woman's a pro.

every time friday rolls around i start plotting in my head all the crazy fun things david and i could do to kick off the weekend. the reality, though, is that we usually have a low-key date night and spend the evening hanging out and chatting in our apartment...mostly the same as any other night of the week. it's really nice. we very much enjoy this time when it's just the two of us. last week, though, david has a church basketball game, so for me, last friday night looked like this:
the office, a cupcake, and a home manicure. when david's away...well, i get pretty boring.


  1. and you still look awesome.... so i guess we can't turn you in haha

  2. diggin this outfit u look smokin!! u always look so pretty in earrings!


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