let's head to jackson

moccasins/jeans (m): target; top: panache; cardi: gift; headband: handmade
this top got a big, mysterious, green stain on one of its sleeves, so we couldn't sell it in the store...which turned out to be a little bonus for me, because i just cut those old sleeves right off and wore it with a cardigan! and then i turned the non-stained sleeve into a headband. double win.

today, david and i are headed to jackson hole, wyoming!
we're going on a romantic little getaway for valentine's day, our last one before the little dude joins us. how has the time flown by so fast? every day i cannot believe how much closer we are to meeting him. i want the time to slow down and yet, i cannot wait.
anyways, i'm really excited for this little rendez-vous. we'll be visiting a ripley's believe it or not museum, eating really good barbecue (which i've been craving for weeks), and enjoying a swanky hotel room. we've been giddy for weeks counting down to this.

the trip is our valentine's day gift to each other, but to tell you a secret (which won't be a secret when this posts, whatever), i also got david a motocross dvd he's been eyeing and homemade (dairy/gluten-free) peanut butter cups.

and that...will be our valentine's day! we're not really the type of get dressed up fancy and order steak and lobster at a downtown restaurant...we prefer small hick towns and barbecue joints. ideally we'd be driving into town on a harley*, but we didn't think that would be appropriate with me being so pregnant and all. oh, and we can't really afford a harley right now.

*that video is from last spring, when we rented a harley to participate in the ride for ryan, which my aunt and uncle put on every year. it was one of my favorite weekends with my husband so far. we hope it becomes a tradition, with the exception with this april, when we'll have a newborn in the house.


  1. that top is adorable! i hope you have fun on your "babymoon" as a lot of my pregnant friends are calling it these days haha my hubby and i need to plan something before noah makes his grand entrance in about 7 short weeks!

    lacey :)

  2. i though i left a comment on here earlier.. guess it didnt work?? well i said that ur hair is beautiful and u look like a gorgeous mermaid and i love everything about this pic!!!! you look so pretty!!!


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