mr. valentine man

it's been a while since i posted about my main squeeze, and even though this is a fashion blog and no one's here to read about how much i love my husband, today i'm going to talk about him because it's valentine's day and i can. your reader's probably already filled with obnoxiously gushy posts, right? here's another one for ya. regularly scheduled programming resuming tomorrow.

david is from georgia. i am from california.
he grew up riding dirt bikes over jumps and playing the drums. 
i grew up riding horses over big jumps and doing yoga.
he doesn't eat any dairy or gluten. i barely eat any red meat.
he spends his spare time golfing and dirt biking.
i spend my spare time writing and dreaming about cats.
he studied accounting. i studied english.
we both got our bachelor's degrees from byu-idaho.
he is 27. i am 22.
we really like snowboarding and eating mexican food made in a school bus. we watch documentaries together at night and go on walks in the cold when the one-bedroom apartment above our store starts to feel claustrophobic. we both want a house in the country with ponies and country kids running around in the backyard.

this is our fifth valentine's day together and our fourth one together together.
on our first valentine's say together, we were on a double date--him with one of my roommates and i with one of his. i gave him my number that night because he was thinking about getting a horse and needed my expertise.

the other night, when he said our first valentine's day together didn't count, i replied,
"you cooked for me! steak fajitas!" "steak fajitas for you and your roommate..."
"but we cuddled!" "yeah...but not with each other..."
i still think it counts. 5 valentine's days together, and this is our last one as a family of two.
david...i love you. simple as that.
you're my best friend and i still think you're the most handsome man i've ever seen.

(bottom photo by the insanely talented kate)


  1. He wanted your phone number because he was thinking about buying a horse?? As a college student who lived in a dorm?? That is a great line Dave! Looks like it worked!! Happy Valentine's Day guys!


    1. haha ashley, you know dave...i think he had a buddy with some acreage who said he could keep his horse there? either way, it set the stage for him to text me a couple weeks later after things had fizzled with both roommates, so line or not, i'm happy he did it :) hope you're having a happy valentine's day!

  2. i love hearing about your husband, personally :) you two love birds are sweet.

  3. i love that last photo of you. you guys are so cute!

  4. This was the sweetest (and really funny). I love you two!

  5. CUTE! I love reading love stories. :)

  6. This is adorable. Hope you had a lovely valentine's day!


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