loafers: c/o wanted; jeans (m): f21; sweater/bracelet: panache
8 months pregnant!
does this sweater make me look fat?
ahahaha, i crack myself up. i'm just always blown away by how very large i look in pictures, because i don't feel that big. i mean, yeah, i'm uncomfortable sometimes. i think most women are uncomfortable when they're 8 months pregnant. but my normal activities haven't changed a whole lot...i still work the store full-time, i still run errands, etc.

the other day, two girls were sitting in the store waiting for tanning beds. i walked past them to adjust the volume on our music, and one of them stared at my stomach and stage-whispered to her friend, "well, that sucks, doesn't it? i mean, can you imagine having to work when you're that pregnant?"

i had to stifle a giggle...one, because of how poorly she perceived the volume of her own voice. sitting right here, homegirl. i can hear you loud and clear.

two, because, well...what else would i be doing? i'm a good 5-8 weeks away from baby time. i'm not going to lie in bed all day! i mean, right now that sounds nice, but in reality i'd go nuts after one or two days!

and three, my job is pretty cushy. i ring people up, sometimes i clean a tanning bed (mostly david does that these days because i can't quite squat and reach to reset timers anymore), i place orders...it's not terribly strenuous. if i was working in a warehouse doing heavy lifting, yep, i'd probably need to be done by now. but really, i love this little store. it's been my life for the last 3.5 years and it makes me sad to think of the day when i won't be (large and) in charge down here.

so...if you're in rexburg and you ever stop by panache, it'll still be me behind the counter!
a larger, thirstier, baby book-reading version of me...but still me :)


  1. omg 8 months?! that baby is coming so soon. time has flown. and you are lucky you don't feel huge. i feel like a giantess. ALSO, you finally got your leopard smoking slippers. yessss!

    1. I KNOW. time has flown by too fast. i'm not convinced he's going to be ready to live outside of me...i sort of wish he had more time in there, but i'm also too excited to meet him. aaand YES SMOKING SLIPPERS! they are all i want to wear, ever, for the rest of my life.

  2. You're optimistic. And pretty. I like you. :)

    1. oh gosh, you're the nicest person EVER!

  3. That last picture of you makes me miss you something AWFUL. You are way to pretty for your own good. Can't wait to meet your little man!


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