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flats: missoni for target ($6!); jeans: f21; tee: target; cardi: nordstrom
that middle picture makes me laugh because of how extremely huge i look! i'm almost 30 weeks along and i can't tell if it's my (non-maternity) striped top or just, y'know...a growing dude. i think my stomach looks bigger than my head. ha!

anyways, today i will be doing my gestational diabetes test, which i have heard is zero fun at all. i'm really not looking forward to chugging 50 g. of sugar first thing in the morning. sugar makes the dude start flipping all around so i've been avoiding it in large quantities because i feel bad making him hyper.
in case you're curious...my two favorite low-sugar dessert recipes:
one-minute chocolate cake* & chocolate chip cookies.
we make these allll the time and they totally make our skirts fly up! we also made honey-sesame chicken for the second sunday in a row and it's a new favorite. and now you have my current favorite (dairy- & gluten-free) recipes.

*david made me one of these last night because i kicked his toosh at banagrams. and i did it while sitting on a birthing ball with an ice pack tied to my chest. winning! (that was a reference to the obnoxious model girl on the bachelor. she is so annoying with her stupid lip scrunch and floozy ways.)


  1. you look so cute! I just want to hug you. :)

    1. rachey, i ALWAYS want to hug you! i miss you so darned much. please come be my neighbor?

  2. i hope your test goes well. i ended up having to do the three hour (my levels were slightly elevated on test #1, but then i found out at the three hour that the receptionist didn't tell me to fast long enough on test one and i probably would have passed if she had) ohhhh well, i hope you pass the first time around and baby boy doesn't go too crazy with all of the sugar! good luck!

    lacey :)

    1. i barely failed it...so i'm supposed to go back & do the 3 hour one, but i'm going to cancel it. does that make me a bad mom? haha. i am insanely sick today just from the 50g drink yesterday. i know i don't have gestational diabetes, and i'll cut back on sugar anyways to be safe. i can't put 100g of sugar in my system in good conscience after how badly i reacted to yesterday's!

  3. you look as darling as ever! I hope everything with the pergnancy is going pretty smoothly!

  4. you look exceptionally stunning in this post, must be all the hormonies(said in the accent from my big fat greek wedding, you know when the aunt is talking about her lump?)...anyway, you look good :)

  5. oh my freakin' heck! get courtney out of there! gahhh my husband can do an impression of her lips which is kind of incredible/disturbing all a the same time!

    love bananagrams.
    yep. we were on a bananagram kick during the holidays.

    it's so funny, i read most of your posts, but this picture i was like DANG she really IS pregnant! lovin' it!

  6. you couldn't be more adorable, brandilyn...plus...your SHOES! i heart them.

  7. i wouldn't blame you for cancelling! i nearly cancelled my three hour before i thought about how diabetes runs on both sides of my family and got myself freaked out haha. i did pass my three hour though! i hope you feel better, i felt miserable all day after my three hour, not eating for 16 hours + 4 blood draws + that nasty glucose drink = not a happy mama and baby!



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