sicker than a dog

boots: thrifted; leggings (m): old navy; tee (m)/jacket: target; headband: beachside hut in san diego
i've been super sick these last two days.
major head cold.

david always teases that i like to be tough, but i also want him to know how tough i'm being.
like he'll offer to help me carry something heavy, and i'll say, "it's cool, i've got it,"...but then talk about how very heavy said burden was.

well, these last few days have completely robbed me of any tough girl facades i had going on. i have fully welcomed any and all help he's offered, which has entailed him baby-sitting the store and making meatball marinara sub runs (don't judge, it sounded too good to be true!) and being insanely sweet when i wake up at 3 am crying about the insane pressure built up in my head.

pregnancy takes a bit of extra energy, and being sick always sucks, but it turns out the two combined have the power to render me completely helpless.

anyways, hopefully this head cold will be over and done with ASAP and i can get back to the land of the livign. i always wish i had a day off from working the store, but when i'm actually sick enough to take one, all i want is to be healthy enough to return to my normal routine. go figure.


  1. ugh. so sorry you're sick. whenever i get sick whilst pregnant, it stays with me until the end. which is a lovely thing, as lovely as it sounds.
    when are you due, anyway? my due date is april 22nd.
    hope you feel better, sooner than later.

    1. i'm just a couple days before you, on the 19th! so i'm 30 weeks today. all my mom's babies came early (i was 6 weeks early, my brother was 4) so we'll have bags packed all through march just in case :)


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