boots: thrifted; socks/chambray: target; skirt: f21; cardi: kohl's
this was the last time i'll be wearing this top until the spring!
my buttons were close to busting all day long. woops. that's what happens when you reaaaaly just want to wear "normal" clothes at 7 months pregnant...you're squeezed in like a sausage.

anyways, you may or may not know that i love celebrating small wedding anniversaries...and today, i've been married to david for 3 years and 6 months! i always have to fight the urge to surprise him with some silly gift and save my monies for bigger anniversaries. to celebrate, we're making mashed potatoes tonight. we really love potatoes, which i think is why we've stayed in idaho so long. we just don't trust that any other state will have adequate potatoes (or "spuds," as we locals call them [no we don't]).


  1. omg love this outfit!!!! you look so pretty! happy 3 and a half months to you two!!!! <3 love you both!

  2. Cute outfit! You are def the best dressed pregnant lady i know;)


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