sunday funk

 moccasins/cardi: target; dress as skirt: panache; top: motherhood; necklace: truly sarah
if i look groggy here...it's because i was really groggy when we took these pictures.
i started feeling really light-headed at church on sunday and we ended up coming home early. i stumbled into bed and stayed there, out cold, for a solid three hours. i still don't know if it was just fatigue (i haven't been sleeping great) or if homeboy was sitting on a blood vessel or something.
anyways, i woke up and asked david if we could run outside for outfit pictures so i could get into sweats ASAP. so this is me, post sunday nap and pre sunday yoga pants and flannel.
and that's the story of my sunday funk, which i eventually cured with honey sesame crock pot chicken and good company.


  1. cute! I got my dress!!!! thanks sooo much! i just need to get some new shoes so i can wear it!;)

  2. How can you look so stylish when pregnant? Must be the fact you own a clothing store! :) you look great, not groggy.

    1. if i didn't have to be at work every day, i'd probably be in sweats 98% of the time...but thanks, girl!


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