well-traveled mess

boots: thrifted; socks: gift; dress: gap; scarf: panache; tee: c/o halftee
the folks over at halftee sent me this undershirt. it ends right above my belly, so it's the most insanely comfortable, non-bulky layering piece ever! i can't wait to test it out while nursing, too. how convenient. they're made for everyone, not just pregnant ladies, so you should definitely head over to their website if you're looking for some new layering options.

so after the worst day of traveling ever, i made it home!

i started off my day in the oakland airport, where the duffel bag i was carrying on top of a rolling suitcase swung around, knocked my feet right out from under me, and sent me sprawling. about five people had to awkwardly step over the 8-months pregnant lady sprawled out on the floor to get ahead of me in line...awesome. it took me a good couple minutes to haul myself up off the floor and get to a bathroom so i could pull myself together and call my husband to tell him in a wobbly voice how humiliated i was (i landed on my hands and knees; the little dude is just fine!).

then, my ride from salt lake to rexburg was a good 45 minutes late...so i sat in frigid weather in the pick-up line, shivering and waiting. i finally smooshed into a very crowded car and sat in the same position for the four hour ride. the roads from idaho falls to rexburg were horrendous, and at one point a truck in the oncoming lane lost control and spun into our lane, literally inches from the car. i have never been more terrified in my whole life. thank goodness our driver kept a cool head and avoided a huge crash.

by the time david picked me up, i got into our car and burst right into tears. i just felt so overwhelmed by how awful the entire day had been and how badly my knees, back, and chest ached. instead of a romantic reunion kiss in lightly falling snow, david got a blubbering mess. a back rub, a kiss, and a quiet dinner out together made everything better again and i was so happy to see my husband.


  1. oh gosh, i'm sorry you had such a rough time, thats no good. but, why in the world were people stepping over you rather than trying to help you up?!

    1. haha, i guess they had flights to catch!

  2. Awwwwwwww brandilyn this made me so sad i would have helped you! I was gonna say that im obsessed with your scarf and love it. But im glad ur home and safe!!

  3. Oh my gosh! that makes me so sad people just stepped right over you! and your trip sounds seriously awful. But all things considered, it sounds like you were blessed and I'm really glad you and the little guy are okay! He's not done baking yet :)

  4. Oh, sad! I can't believe no one helped you up! RUDE.

  5. I'm so glad you're ok!

  6. Like other commenters have pointed out, I CAN'T believe no one stopped to help you. A pregnant woman on the ground. PREGNANT. The GROUND. Ugh.

  7. NO ONE HELPED YOU?! i would have punched or yelled at all the nearby people, and helped you up. i am sorry you had such an awful trip :( i am glad you are home safe and sound!


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