bits & bobs

boots: thrifted; skirt: f21; top: panache; sweater: h&m
full term!
this is the doofiest sweater of all. it fits so strangely.

i think my belly grew over night. it kept bumping into things.

my bff shpitty moves away today and i'm feeling a little sad without her.

i got mcdonald's popcorn chicken at 11:00 last night, which maybe makes me a bad mom...but it was so, so good.

i got a big old shipment of clothing out in the store yesterday, which makes me feel very accomplished. the stuff looks good and i felt tired.

my legs are ghosty-pale.

nothing makes me freeze like when david plays with my hair. i think i've somehow convinced myself that if i stay very, very still he won't stop. it's my favorite.

i'm tired all. the. time. these days. i could probably sleep 14 hours a night.

david dropped his steak the other night right before he started grilling it...onto the cement...and bird poo. i felt really bad for him. he ended up getting a chicken burger instead.


  1. This is my most favorite outfit of yours. I love all the different colors!

    Can't wait to meet this little guy... I can't believe how well you are doing with the pregnancy. You make it look so easy!

  2. You look so Spring-y! Also, i totally freeze when Dan plays with my hair, too, and for the same reasons lol so glad we're sisters sisters bestfriendsisters...

  3. I love how you matched the brown boots with the black skirt, it's super cute!



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