can you dig it?

sandals (not pictured): rainbow; dress/earrings: panache (a couple years ago); chambray: target
wearing this top for the 2nd post in a row but not the second day in a row. promise. i know you guys stay awake at night over matters like this...
things i dig and don't dig, saturday edition

things i don't dig:
-people who talk trash about me/my blog while still in earshot of my store. it's cool if you're not a fan, but have just a little class, homegirl.
-the doubtful looks people give me when i say i feel great. for reals, i truly love being pregnant.
-calf cramps--i'm talking both legs at the same time. yee-oww.
-working when it's 65° and breezy outside...should've been on a bicycle. or barbecuing!
-dropping my apple on the ground, rinsing it off, then crashing into a wall and immediately dropping it again.
-worrying about junior.

things i do dig:
-leaving the door open at the store all day. loving that breeze!
-david, who shoots up in bed and rubs my cramping calves in the middle of the night, rides his huge motorcycle around town like a boss, has mad photography skillz, and shares strawberry limeades with me.
-my job. owning and running a little boutique has ups and downs, but a busy week full of new shipments, friendly faces, and ringing people up make me feel like the luckiest.
-water. icy, distilled water.
-sweet texts from family. we love them.
-the ladies who work in the salon behind our store...they feel like a little family and i love them with my whole heart. nothing makes me happier than days when everyone's at work together!


  1. Love you and your blog!

    Are you taking any time off when your baby comes? I mean, I don't know I'd you can when you own your own business, but still! You will want a break I promise!

    1. i will not be anywhere near that store when the baby comes! we're still in the "figuring it out" stages, but we'll for sure have help in the store from there on out. i'll be working right up until the baby comes (probably), though, because honestly...i don't know what else i would do with my days!

  2. I get horrible leg cramps too when I am pregnant. seriously worst pain EVER! I feel for you! You are seriously such a cute pregnant gal!


  3. Took me a sec to figure out what you meant by your hubby shooting up in bed. I love your blog!!!

  4. I hated when people gave me doubtful looks when I said I was feeling good while I was pregnant. The same people gave me the same looks after Georgia was born and I said I was doing great.
    The way I looked at it was this: "I feel great! I mean, I'm PREGNANT, but I'm not dying and I feel great."
    "We're doing wonderful! I mean, she's still a BABY but we love her in our family and we are doing wonderful."

    Some people think that "feeling great" means nothing is hard which is not the case. Feeling great is loving the fact that all of the hard comes from creating something so wonderful.

    This was long. I love you.

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  6. I had the worst leg cramps (sore for days after each one) with all 3 of my pregnancies until half way through my 3rd pregnancy my wonderful friend told me about liquid chlorophyll that you can buy at the nature store here in town. I started taking it and had ZERO leg cramps the rest of my pregnancy. I still have most of a bottle left if you would like to try it I would be more than happy to give you some and you can see if it works for you. Just give me a call or just drop by!

  7. THE DOUBLE-WHAMMY NIGHT CALF CRAMPS OMG. i shoot out of bed screaming "CHILDBIRTH CANNOT HURT THIS BADLY!!!!!!!!" ....right??

    1. haha seriously!! i couldn't get them to relax, either!


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