the clothes thief

loafers: c/o wanted; jeans (m): motherhood; sweater: gap/david's side of the closet; necklace: gift from darcy; head scarf: vintage/my grandmother's
8.5 months!
how stereotypically pregnant am i, stealing clothes from my husband?
at least it's not basketball shorts and tee shirts! i'm not saying i don't steal them, i'm just saying you're not seeing them on this here blog. it seems as though my wardrobe has slowly decreased while my trips to the ladies' room have slowly increased. my size has gone up while comfortable sleeping positions have gone down (i'm at 1 right now. 1 comfortable sleeping position). as junior spreads out, my lungs compress.
pregnancy has been a study in give and take.
i give up my size 3 body, i take away a heart more full than i ever expected it to be before meeting him.
it's a trade i've been happy to make. we feel undeserving of this blessing.

sorry for getting sentimental. i've tried to avoid turning this into a baby baby baby! blog (heaven knows there are plenty of those around...although i suppose you could say the same about fashion blogs ;) and i usually don't take myself too seriously on here. but some days, i'm not quite sure what else to write about. this baby takes up quite a bit of space in both my middle and my brain, especially as we get so close to meeting him.


  1. I think blogging is most about being honest with yourself and your readers. There's no way to avoid the fact that you are preparing for a new blessing- that's what's in your mind (and middle) so let it be.

  2. I want to hear more baby baby baby because I love you and your baby. Never apologize for being sentimental. We all need a little more of that :) Love you! (Also, your package is now ready to ship off and I am excited!)

  3. you're lookin' fly B. david's sweater looks adorable on you. can't wait to see you with the little man--so soon! eeeee!

  4. Brandilyn. Green is your COLOR.

    And I'm extremely excited to see your little man all up in this blog.

  5. Ya I wear my husbands clothing much too much these days (32 weeks). And I'll be honest, I rock the tees and b-ball shorts quite frequently. I always dread going to the doctor every month just in fear of how much I gained the past month. I'm going tomorrow, wish me luck!



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