loafers: c/o wanted; jeans (m): f21; tunic: h&m; sweater: target

loving: sally hansen nail strips! i only had to reach my toes once (a nearly impossible feat) and now they look good for a little while. success.

thinking about: our little clothing store...i've got orders that need to be placed, mannequins i need to change, and schedules that need to be arranged.

anticipating: well, duh, having a baby in a week or two. but also...TITANIC IN 3D!
titanic was a huge part of my adolescence. i loved it. loved loved loved it. since david said "no thank you" to nudie sketching scenes in 3D, i'm waiting for my momma to go with me just before junior gets here. i am so excited!

listening to: letters to cleo...10 things i hate about you is on (VHS, mhm) since david's out playing basketball and i'm home alone.

eating: brown rice! so much brown rice. also cheese sticks. and homemade granola bars.

wishing: i could drink dr. pepper guilt-free. i'm normally a diet coke person (duh), but lately all i want is an icy dr. pepper! i haven't had a coke in nearly 9 months and honestly, haven't missed it as much as i thought i would...but lately i would kill for a dr. pepper. go figure.

(post inspired by this one)


  1. OMGGGG you are lookin so cute. and ur hair is so long!!i have to see you guys when i get up there!! can i babysit for free?!? k love youuuu!!!

  2. dr. pepper! that's my girl! sometimes you can find caffeine free diet dr. pepper at fred meyer. so excited for baby to come out!!!

  3. This outfit is so great. Is it annoying how many time I've said I love your belly? Yes. Oh well, I love your belly. I think you are the cutest.

    Those granola bars were SO GOOD. Will you message me the link sometime?

  4. super cute! casual yet chic! those shoes are fab!

    xx Kelly


  5. Hey missy, what are you guys planning on doing with the store when baby comes? I can't believe it's only a week or two!

    1. we're handing it over to you guys, did i forget to tell you?! haha we'll be getting some help in there for the first time ever. junior gets 100% of us! i can't believe how soon it is, either. i'm getting incredibly sad for pregnancy to be over, to be honest.


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