dance dance

shoes: delias (like 5 years ago); jeans (m): target; top: panache; vest: buckle
i think in that last picture i'm looking at the kids arriving for their ballroom dancing class above our apartment thinking, "hey, kid. stop screaming. stop stomping. just be calm."
apparently they don't have ESPN (you know, like a fifth sense), though, because that dang ballroom was just as noisy as it always is when i get off work. i actually put my ear phones in while i was peeling hard boiled eggs for my egg salad sandwich just to escape the instructor's shrill voice right above my head, clapping and yelling out dance steps.

things i love right now:
+ homemade chocolate muffins (i even made my own ground oats for gluten-free flour! boom!)
+ my mocassins and yoga pants. as soon as i'm done working the store, they're on like donkey kong.
+ late night talks with david in our quiet apartment while sitting on my birthing ball, aka the most comfortable seat in the house.
+ showers. not like in a sexy way, but in a "i've had a waistband around my huge middle all day and it feels so good to be clean and warm and unrestricted" way.
+ friendly customers. they always make my day.
+ this blog! blogging is fun. sometimes i start to feel like it's a chore to post every day, and i have to step back and remind myself that i started this because it's fun to write and post silly outfit pictures and meet new people, even if i don't have a gazillion dollars to spend on fancy new clothes or an iphone to do entire posts of insta-whatever pictures.
+ cheese sticks. mmm.


  1. I'm glad you don't do instagram posts! I love your posts as they are and hate the posts that are just full of instagram. I feel like it's a cop-out.

    1. yay! i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so! people always apologize for it, too.."i know, instagram posts are lame..." but then they do them erry'day anyways. high five to you, my instagram-free buddy :)

  2. okay brandilyn, you are the cutest pregnant girl ever! how do you stay so stylish?! and i have been racking my brain of how i might know you.. i have a terrible memory.. have we met in person?? or, do you have a sister that dated mick phillips??

    1. this is suuuper random...but i think we met in gator jack's once (i was there with brooke rowe). and i think you might have come by panache before? anyways, now i stalk your blog because i basically think you're the best-dressed person to ever land in the blog world :)

  3. I love reading your blog for the fact it ISN'T like all the other blogs - aka pictures of just your food/feet/hipster glasses. :)
    You should check out a recent post I did about Apartment Living... I may just have some that would top your ballroom kiddies. hahaha

  4. your hair is getting so long and cute I love it! And I like that you like showers but not in the sexy way ;) thanks for clarifying!

  5. ha! too funny! it is actually my pet peeve when people post their instagram pictures all over their blog, because i have to look SUPER DANG close to figure out with the highly-over-saturated, vignetted, cross-processed picture even is! annnnoyed.

    love the top! and i love the mouse in the corner of your page! I...even tried to click it, thinking it was going to try to escape my mouse clicker!

  6. I can't tell you how much I love my moccasins -- it's like walking on air! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it already! xo


  7. I lost my mocs while I was home during break and I was devastated. Then my Mom found them and sent them straight to me haha. I LIVE in those little buggers.
    Also, I understand about the blogging thing... I don't have instagram, or money, or really anything exciting haha. Also sometimes I feel like no one really reads the ol bloggy blog, so why bother? But it's not just for others to read, it's for me too! So cheers to that :)


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