hunger games + giveaway winna!

boots: mom's; leggings (m): old navy; dress: panache; chambray: target; necklace: nikki lorraine
in case you ever wondered what it looks like when a pregnant lady dances like beyonce:
just kidding, i think i was brushing leftover lunch off my pants or something.

what did everyone think of the hunger games?!
i'm on the fence about it. it's not my new favorite movie, but i also think it's impossible to turn a book into a movie and have everyone be happy with it (the help being a rare exception). i did think they spent a lot of film time focused on things like katniss' lips that could have been spent developing other things...but eh, i'm no movie critic. also, i might have missed important chunks of the movie due to the 15 bathroom trips i took. 9 months pregnant and a 2.5 hour movie does not a still person make! it was fun to hang out with my girlfriends and eat popcorn, even though i'm pooped today. perfect timing for a weekend!
our DownEast Basics giveaway winner was Carly!
thanks for playing, everyone, and thanks to downeast for an awesome giveaway! carly, check your inbox...i'll be emailing you soon :)
**winner chosen using random.org**


  1. Cute outfit, and yay for a girl's night! i had a mostly girl's night...one guy. LOL I really loved the movie. I just see the book and movie as two different things, and I don't mind changes or whatever. It's my philosophy and it works for me. haha!! :)


  2. love this outfit!!! what a hot mama!!

  3. Ug. I did not think The Help even remotely lived up to the book. Seeing Hunger Games tomorrow!

    1. i thought they were great as separate units.

  4. I actually really loved it. Really, really loved it.


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