losers in love

boots: thrifted; dress (m): target; belt: panache; cardi: kohl's; glasses: being blind. ain't no hipster blogger thang.
if you think bare legs look ridiculous with all that snow on the ground, you may not realize how even more ridiculous it is to try and wear tights at 8 months pregnant.

david and i were so productive last night.
we pre-registered and took a tour at the hospital, david did the dishes while i cooked a delicious/healthy meal, and he did the store's books while i tidied the house and put all of our clean dishes away.
oh, and we played two rounds of bananagrams. and did our nightly exercises to get our breech baby to flip his business upside down.
i love a kitchen cabinet all stocked with clean dishes (and a gazillion mugs)!

i would love to say that every single evening is this productive...but usually we're in sweats watching a documentary and exchanging combinations of quotes from shawshank redemption, nacho libre, and dumb and dumber...on gmail chat...sitting next to each other in bed.
which usually results in me singing, "yesss i love technology...but nooot as much as you you see....but i still love technology...."

i guess no matter how you look at it, we're huge losers.


  1. Hey!!

    Well, I just thought I'd throw my opinion out there........my opinion is, you make being pregnant look easy! Seriously you look so wonderful in that dress! :D

  2. I love that dress, and this color combo looks great on you!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  3. ohhh i love your outfit! we have our birthing class next saturday (we're doing a six hour fast track session instead of six week class b/c of my husbands work schedule.) our little guy is still breech too, hopefully he'll be doing a flip flop soon!

  4. I just saw your blog off of Clothed Much and I really like it. I am just getting into fashion blogging myself and after having three kids your post made me laugh a little (in a good way). www.watchoutforthewoestmans.blogspot.com


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