loafers: c/o wanted; leggings (m): old navy; tunic: h&m; cardigan: ? storage unit
this outfit has so many constantly recycled items from my wardrobe i got bored just uploading the pictures. i felt grumpy and huge this morning so i put on my favorite shoes, favorite leggings (yes, i have enough pairs of maternity leggings that i have named favorites...this blog is a safe place, no judging allowed), favorite tunic, and favorite cardigan. and then i realized that my favorite, trusty, roomy h&m tunic is getting too small for my huge self and almost cried...and by "almost" i mean i probably teared up a little bit. and david gave me that husband look that says, "i want to understand why you're upset and help you feel better, but also you're a little crazy and it's confusing." living with a pregnant lady has got to be tricky at times.

well, i wore the tunic anyways (obviously) and felt better because i had sassy leopard print shoes on.
and david said he thought i looked pretty, which was really nice to hear on a day when i just felt like a sweaty pregnant mess.
i finished the day with one of those brown rice cups that microwaves in a minute, which is basically all i want to eat these days, and all of my carb-filled dreams came true.


  1. Wow, you're making maternity look chic!!

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  2. Well u still look beautifullllll!!!! Keep it up ur almost done!!!

  3. You still look fabulous! No wonder those shoes are your favourite, they look so good on you!


  4. You do look pretty! And I still cannot believe how close you are!

  5. Nice leopard shoes!!
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  6. you look absolutely beautiful girl. and love the perfect flats with simple, comfy outfit :)
    xo TJ

  7. you look GREAT! and stylish to boot. that was my dilemma during pregnancy too...thank the gods of leggings and anything with stretch:-) and leopard. anything. My surefire way to feel glamorous, especially on days when nothing in my closet "fit": Leopard and bright lipstick! xoxo


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